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Frequently Asked Questions about our Services and Database of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Documents

How extensive is your library of Chapter 11 bankruptcy documents?

Chapter11Library.com is not designed to be a comprehensive bankruptcy library. Rather, it’s a concise, confidential database of the most important, most sought-after corporate bankruptcy documents, all available for immediate download. Our aim is to provide the specific corporate bankruptcy documents you need, when you need them. Our library is updated regularly.

What if I can’t find what I need?

Let us know what you want. If a particular case is not included in our library, or you don’t see the specific document(s) you need, you may:

  • Request a Priority Search & Retrieval. Our expert researchers will locate the document(s) for you, then contact you with the estimated time and cost.
  • Request a document to be added to Chapter11Library.com. Please provide us with your contact information as well as the bankruptcy name and documents that you are requesting. We will email you when it is available.

Does Chapter11Library.com include consumer bankruptcies?

No, only corporate bankruptcies.

What should I do if the documents I purchased are not downloading?

Some of these documents are quite large, which can slow the download process. We ask for your patience on larger files. If you still experience problems, please contact Chapter 11 Library and we will respond as soon as possible. Our staff monitors email Monday–Friday between 8 am–7 pm Eastern time. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’ll do everything in our power to deliver your documents quickly and efficiently.

Why couldn’t I find any exhibits to go with my documents?

Chapter11Library.com documents generally do not contain exhibits. If you require exhibits, documents or cases not currently in our library, please request a Priority Search & Retrieval. Our expert researchers will try to acquire what you need and contact you with the estimated time and cost.

What is the difference between Chapter11Library.com and your Chapter 11 Library Blog?

Chapter11Library.com is an online bankruptcy document database where you can purchase and download bankruptcy court filings. 

Our Chapter 11 blog is a discussion forum focusing on the world of corporate bankruptcy. It is updated regularly with the latest news and information regarding Chapter 11 topics, including recent cases. You are welcome to join in the discussion and post your comments, opinions and thoughts, and to respond to the comments of others.

What is Chapter11Library.com?

Chapter11Library.com is a service of Nationwide Research & Consulting, which specializes in acquiring public documents from jurisdictions throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, please visit www.nationwideresearch.com.

Where can I find explanations of the types of documents in your database?

We have created a small glossary to help you understand the types of documents most often included in a typical Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Our database may include many other types of documents, but we listed the ones for which our clients most frequently search. You can find additional information in our Chapter 11 Library Blog.

Can I set up a company account?

Please do. If you are a frequent customer of Chapter11Library.com, we invite you to create a user account. After approval, a convenient payment system will be arranged. Please contact Chapter 11 Library for more information. 

What if I have a question not covered here?

Please contact Chapter 11 Library.

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